MDP Cancer Fund

The MDP Cancer Fund aims to create awareness of, educate on, and provide emotional and financial support to those impacted by breast cancer and other cancers primarily affecting women.

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About Us

The MDP Cancer Fund was founded by Jackki Kennedy.

The Kennedy Black & White Ball

The Ball is a fundraising event given each year at the beginning of November to raise money for cancer research.

Springtime Splendor

Join us for an exciting afternoon filled with food, fashion, and fun!

Cancer Special Needs Fund

Funds primarily go to what’s called the “Cancer Special Needs Fund” at Christiana Care.

The MDPCF and the Kennedy Black & White Ball have given me so much fulfillment. Both entities have given me a chance to give back to a community who has served me extremely well. I look forward to the planning, donating, and attending each year! It's a must attend event! " - Taleah Kennedy, MDPCF committee member, and daughter of President, Jackki Kennedy